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Jeanet Gallarday is a Certified Podologist with over 25 years of experience in the most advanced European nail techniques and treatments. In 1999, Jeanet was hired to work at the first salon in the U.S. to utilize these techniques for which she acquired the skills through training in Germany.

Later, she attained certification as a Master Pedicure Specialist. In addition, she also obtained certifications as an Advanced Nail Technician and Medical Nail Technician.

All instruments are manually cleaned and sterilized for every client. This is a critical step because she works with diabetic and cancer patients with compromised immune systems. Jeanet uses her extensive knowledge to help every patient reach success in healing and renewing their body wellness.

Along with her experience in foot care, Jeanet has also pursued skin care through various trainings and seminars, gaining the necessary knowledge for skin care through light therapy, facials, permanent makeup and more.

Working alongside Jeanet is her long time colleague, Joanne Latona, RDH, BS, FS. Their professional association has been over 16 years. You can learn more about her and her services here.

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